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Relapse Prevention and Continuing Care

One of the most important pieces of the addiction recovery program at RCIC is the development of a solid continuing care and relapse prevention plan. It took years of substance use to develop the addictive behaviors that are addressed in treatment. One or two months of inpatient care is just the first step to recovery. We recognize that continuing care is key to maintaining sobriety, which is why we begin continuing care and relapse prevention planning on day one and continue developing that plan until discharge.


Leaving treatment and going back to daily life surrounded by triggers and everyday stressors without a comprehensive continuing care plan is a recipe for disaster. Our counselors at RCIC work with each client to ensure they have the resources and tools to maintain sobriety long after leaving treatment. Continuing care plans are unique to each client based on their goals and needs. Our aftercare planning includes making sure clients have access to proper medical care, psychiatric care, substance use counseling, employment, education, and housing.

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