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Our Mission

River City will provide high quality, innovative, patient-centered and family-focused integrative behavioral healthcare to meet the needs of each patient and community partners.


Our Vision

River City is recognized as a preferred provider of Outpatient Integrative Behavioral Health Care services in Virginia.

  • High quality patient-centered, family-focused care that results in exceptional patient experiences.

  • As the outpatient practice of choice in Virginia, we are known for our ability to develop programming that addresses immediate community concerns. We do this by working in conjunction with our community partners such as buprenorphine-waivered physicians, primary care physicians, the criminal justice system, schools and universities, and communities-at large.

  • Academic affiliations that provide the best education for physicians, nurses, social workers, counselors and other professional staff.


Our Values


Person-Centered Care

We provide a full array of integrative behavioral health services at the very highest level of informed, contemporary and evidenced-based practices. Our original programs and services have always placed a special emphasis on community and home-based services in a way that has taught us important lessons about relationship-based behavioral health care. We find ourselves in a better position to help people and families to help themselves to be well, as these practices have been integrated into our Outpatient practice.


We develop and cultivate collaborative relationships our community partners from health care, criminal justice, the Recovery community, social services and everything in between. All of our behavioral health and other services are intended to meet the everyday needs of individuals, families and communities to support and promote health, recovery and wellness.

Forward-Thinking and Innovative

River City has a specific focus on integrating behavioral health into primary care. We are creating a forward-thinking approach to providing care to individuals experiencing mental health, behavioral health, and substance use disorders, along with those that also experience complex medical conditions and psychosocial issues. We seek partnerships to move through the change process as efficiently as possible and to maintain a very high level of quality for the individuals we serve. Current priorities include the integration of behavioral into primary care, development of safe and affordable housing and opening opportunities for education and employment.



“Integrated” or integrative may seem like some new fad, but this term and service model has been around for years. This is a core philosophy and practice for River City. All of our behavioral health programs and services are designed to be carefully integrated with primary health care to operate in a more seamless and holistic way for the individuals that we serve. This includes our work with local professionals to advance ideas about promoting community minded healthy neighborhoods.


We help to promote and conserve local health care and other community resources so they can fit more efficiently within emerging regional and national systems of care.

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