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Family Counseling and Reunification


Drug and alcohol addiction do not have isolated effects on the user. Addiction impacts the whole family. Often a person struggling with addiction will experience tension, distrust, and loss of respect in close family and friend relationships. This can make creating and maintaining healthy relationships difficult in the future. For families, it is confusing and difficult to know how to relate to a loved one suffering with addiction. Knowing how to show love without enabling or how to create boundaries without abandoning a loved one can cause a great amount of tension and distress for everyone involved.


Family therapy for addiction treatment is a crucial part of the recovery process and we strongly encourage all clients to take advantage of the opportunity to work with their families as much as possible while being treated at RCIC. Family issues need to be worked on and resolved during treatment for the client to maintain sobriety when he or she returns to life outside of treatment. Family therapy at RCIC is tailored directly to the client’s needs. Families are encouraged as well to participate in the process of their loved one’s recovery as much as possible. The level of family involvement during rehab is determined by the client, the family, and the counselor to best serve the needs of the client.  A family educational session is offered weekly.

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