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River City Comprehensive Counseling Services/River City Integrative Counseling (River City) is a contracted behavioral health provider with the Virginia Department of Corrections (VADOC) under IFB: DOC-01-039. As a DBHDS licensed provider of intensive In-Home Services, Mental Health Skill Building, and Crisis Stabilization; and as a ASAM Level-1 Outpatient provider, we have been providing professional psychiatric and substance use treatment programs and services in Virginia since 2009. Our primary goal is to serve State and Local Probation and Parole offices, as well as Community Corrections, the Courts, Drug Courts, VASAP, and other criminal justice systems by providing accountable and professional substance use and psychiatric screenings, assessments, alcohol and drug testing, treatment programs such as individual, group and family counseling, and care coordination for those offenders under your supervision. River City’s Clinicians are skilled and experienced in an array of therapeutic strategies and interventions that are designed to assist court-involved individuals in adapting the thinking, feelings, and behaviors that are necessary to successfully transition from higher levels of care as institutional settings to less restrictive environments such as community probation/parole and ultimately integrated into their own community. We use an array of interventions that include, but are not limited to: CBT, DBT, Motivational Interviewing and Stages of Change, and Trauma Informed Care, as well as structured programs such as The MATRIX and Phoenix curriculum to bring about change.

River City, as a company has been a part of the Re-entry community in Virginia since our inception in 2009, but many of our team members and leadership have been involved since the early 1990s. We currently are engaged with Reentry Councils in most localities and at various levels. Our understanding of Re-entry and the needs of the Criminal Justice system is extensive and practical, and we are as committed to protecting the “public safety” and restoring the lives of court-involved individuals as your are. River City has provided psychiatric and substance use treatment, residential services and other levels of treatment and supervision since 2009. Besides being a current contractor for DOC-19-039, we are also currently a contractor for Virginia's Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ), AMIKids and we have served Virginia's Department of Corrections (VADOC) with “Community Residential Services" under the DOC-11-003 and Outpatient SUD Treatment, DOC-12-002R in the past. 


Probation and parole districts may have a memorandum of agreement with their respective Community Service Boards (CSB) or may use contract vendors for treatment services. Numerous private contractors also provide outpatient or residential services.

Services Offered 

In addition to providing patient-centered, family-focused care for the individual, River City Integrative Counseling is proud to offer the following services for returning citizens in the Greater Richmond area:

  • ASAM and other bio-psychosocial assessments

  • Mental Health, Substance Use, and other Co-Occurring programs

  • CBT, DBT, MI, and other interventions

  • Urinalysis and other monitoring strategies

  • Accurate and timely reporting to criminal justice professionals


Eligibility for these services is determined by Correctional Offender Management Profiling for Alternative Sanctions (COMPAS) score and/or indication of use.

Please contact our office today for more information about whether or not an individual qualifies for this program.

Duration of Treatment

Duration of treatment depends on the type of treatment, and the level of care required by the individual. River City Integrative Counseling staff will work with State and Local Probation and Parole officers and staff to ensure that the needs of our returning citizens are met on an individual and personalized level.

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