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Andrew Carter
Outpatient Therapist




I obtained my LPC in August 2020 and have been working in the counseling field since I began my graduate program in clinical mental health counseling at the College of William and Mary, School of Education in the Summer of 2015. I am a dedicated and compassionate counselor with professional experience counseling individuals, families and groups with complex challenges and presenting problems. Extensive experience working with families and clients involved in court and legal systems. Holistic and integrative approach to the counseling and therapeutic process with a focus on person-centered, solution focused/behavioral, and psychodynamic insights. Experience working with families and individuals suffering from substance use disorder, mental health conditions, and those who are in crisis. Specialized knowledge and understanding of substance use disorder and the impact on the individual and family system. Strong and effective communicator that has allowed me to help clients and patients develop practical solutions, gain insights, and develop appropriate strategies to address acute and ongoing complex issues. A passion for helping individuals who are struggling to achieve a personal balance, regain self-awareness, and rejuvenate their drive to learn new ways to approach and manage dynamic personal and mental health issues.



When I am not working as a therapist you can find me spending time with my wife, son, and dog enjoying all things outdoors; hiking, fishing, hunting, and gardening are my top hobbies these days. I also enjoy watching movies, TV shows and playing videos when I have the time.



804-230-0999, ext 487

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