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Driver Safety Treatment Program

A DUI/DWI can be a major setback in your life, and River City is here to provide the education and treatment needed to put your DUI/DWI in the past and move forward with your life.  Our Driver Safety Treatment Program (DST) can help you prepare before your trial, or help you get your license back after conviction, all while working with your schedule to avoid work interruption.


 Our groups are curriculum-based and last for 60 minutes each.  We also offer individual therapy sessions to address alcohol related substance use disorders. We are a contracted provider with the Virginia Alcohol and Safety Action Program (VASAP)


Paying for Services

The DST program is paid for by the participant. A sliding scale is available to those who meet the requirements to reduce the fees if you are having trouble paying.

Guidelines for Admission

The DST program is designed for individuals experiencing alcohol dependency, with a focus on driving under the influence.  It is suitable for individuals that have been charged with a DUI and are awaiting trial (pre-adjudication), individuals that have been convicted of DUI/DWI and must complete treatment, or anyone experiencing a dependence on alcohol.

Goals for Treatment

The goal for the DST program is to reduce or eliminate the participant’s dependence on alcohol, and to educate on the dangers and consequences of driving under the influence.

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